General Vicenz Freidrich, Freiherr Bianchi, Duke of Casalanza, 1768-1855

General Freidrich, Freiherr Bianchi, duke of Casalanza (1768-1855) was an Austrian general who fought in the campaign of 1809, at Dresden and Leipzig and who defeated Murat at Tolentino during the Hundred Days.

Bianchi was an officer in the engineers. He was commissioned in 1787.
He fought against the Turks and was promoted to general officer in 1807

He took part in the Austrian invasion of Bavaria at the start of the Franco-Austrian War of 1809, and played a minor part in the Austrian defeat at Arnhofen (19 April 1809), stopping an advance after his brigade was opposed by a single Bavarian infantry regiment. His brigade then formed part of Hiller's army south of the Danube that was unable to prevent Napoleon from advancing deep into Austria. His brigade performed well during the battle of Abensberg (20 April 1809), but this still ended as a French victory that forced the Austrians to split their main army in two. Bianchi's brigade formed part of Hiller's army south of the Danube. The exposed position of his brigade was one of the reasons for the Austrian defeat at Ebelsberg (3 May 1809)

He was one of the defeated Allied commanders at Dresden (26-27 August 1813), commanding an Austrian corps that was defeated by Murat and the French cavalry. At Kulm (29-30 August 1813) he commanded a corps that arrived on the night of 29-30th, giving the Allies the strength to annihilate the French, wiping out Napoleon's gains at Dresden.

He commanded a division at the battle of Leipzig (16-19 October 1813), and at one point on 16 October forced the Young Guard to retreat. On 18 October his division formed part of the first of six Allied columns, commanded by Hessen-Homburg.

In 1815 he commanded one of two Austrian columns that pursued Murat south along the Apennines. Bianchi commanded the western-most column. He was outnumbered by Murat, who on 2-3 May attacked him at Tolentino. Bianchi was victorious, receiving his dukedom as a reward. Murat retreated to Naples and then abdicated.  

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