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Currently we have 6,723 articles, 5,166 pictures, 417 maps, 900 unit histories, 1,587 book reviews and over 5,270,600 words in original articles. We don't just cover the best known conflicts, although we do have good coverage of the First and Second World Wars, the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War.

Recent Image (go to updates) USS Greene (APD-36) at Mers-el-Kebir, 1944
USS Greene (APD-36) at Mers-el-Kebir, 1944

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HMS Cherwell (1903) was a River class destroyer that served with the Grand Fleet in 1914, at Portsmouth in 1915-17 and the second half of 1918 and the Seventh Destroyer Flotilla on the Humber early in 1918.

We now have a day-by-day history of the Second World War, covering the 2,214 days of the war from the German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 to the Japanese surrender in Hong Kong on 16 September 1945 (two weeks after the surrender in Tokyo Bay), and currently containing 5,308 individual facts.

Our 1,000th book review is Teenage Tommy: Memoirs of a Cavalryman in the First World War, ed. Richard van Emden, a young cavalryman who was present when the BEF fired its first shots of the First World War and was still at the front, with the cavalry, at the end of the war.

Our 6,000th article looks at the first day of the battle of Leipzig (16 October 1813), Napoleon's best chance to actually win the battle. Our 5,000th article is a biography of Gaston de Foix, Duke of Nemours (1489-1512), a daring French commander of the Italian Wars who was killed at the battle of Ravenna. Our 4,000th article looks at the Great Peloponnesian War of 431-404 BC. Our 3,000th article looks at the battle of Truillas (22 September 1793), a Spanish victory early in the War of the First Coalition. Our 2,000th article is a look at the German battlecruiser Von der Tann, part of our recent focus on the First World War. Our 1,000th article, on the Supermarine Spitfire Mk XII came during our War in the Air themed month in 2007. Our 1,000th aircraft was the Supermarine Spiteful.

Our five millionth word comes in a look at the 7.2in Howitzer Mk 6. Our four millionth word comes in a biography of Marshal Ney, Napoleon's bravest marshal. Our three millionth word comes in a biography of the Sicilian Tyrant Hippocrates of Gela. Our two millionth word came in our biography of the Roman general Manius Aquillius (died 89/88 B.C.), our 1000th battle was the battle of Rivoli of 14 January 1797, our 500th military aircraft, the Kawasaki Ki-48 Army Type 99 Twin-engined Light Bomber (Lily) and our 500th article on the Napoleonic Wars, a biography of General Freidrich Bianchi. Our 2000th article on the Second World War was a look at the Heavy Assault Tank A33 (Excelsior).

In 2006-2007 we ran a series of themed months, on the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War and War in the Air in which we created subject home pages which bring together all of the information we have on those subjects. We also have a subject home page on the Second World War.

In 2006 two of our authors walked Hadrian's Wall for the Perthes Disease Association

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